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Sporting Holidays in New Zealand – A World Apart In One Country

Head a little south of ‘down under’ and you will find exhilaration and adventure everywhere you go. Sporting holidays in New Zealand are the choice of adrenalin junkies and sports enthusiasts from around the world. You’ll find affordable accommodation in New Zealand on both North and South Island with many of the country‚Äôs resorts offering [...]

The biggest fundraising sports events in history

Using sport events to raise money for charities and sports teams alike has always been hugely successful. Staging marathons, cycling events and general sports-related activities has long been a great way of raising money for charities and through utilising famous celebrities and members of the public, a lot of money has been raised around the [...]

Sporting Culture of New Zealand

New Zealand is well known for having a strong sporting culture, with many of the most popular national sports deriving from the country’s British colonial heritage. Rugby, soccer, netball and cricket are the most popular sports, but the South Pacific islands also have a growing reputation for enjoying extreme sports such as bungee jumping and [...]

Original Ideas for Fund Raising Sports Events

When you need to organise a fund raising sports event, it is often difficult to think of ideas on how to raise money. You have to decide issues such as whether to run a community event which will involve lots of people, or to take on a more personal individual challenge.

New Zealand’s biggest sporting legends